Mobile applications

for conferences, cinemas, theaters, music clubs, and fitness clubs

  • program/schedule is always available on your customers' smartphones
  • clear descriptions with photos
  • simple online editing
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Automatic online upgrading

You have regular contact with customers

You can develop your business

Who trusted us

It goes without saying that using MobiConference on our conference was a great success for the organization. Not only did the participants feel that they have their office desk in front of them all the time, but also we as the organizers noticed that we can focus on real issues, instead of answering the same questions all the time. To my best knowledge, there is currently no better product on the market that is able to compete with MobiConference. I would really encourage people organizing events or conferences to get it. It opens a whole new room of possibilities.
Waldemar Puk, Common Polska
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Mobile appliciations

individually designed for:

conferences - MobiConference
cinemas/theaters - MobiProgram
music clubs - MobiClub
fitness clubs - MobiFitness

Who trusted us

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