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We are an innovative company based on knowledge. We help our partners with the implementation of their products, but also develop our own applications. We deal with the integration of information systems. One of our partners is ROC (UK), who help in the development of tHRive.

In April 2012, we were given an award in the competition for Poznań Leader in Entrepreneurship.

Why us?

  • We adapt to your needs.
  • We can introduce your company to the world of mobility, which is opening up new, more effective and more interesting, channels of contact with your customers.
  • We can introduce to you and your staff technology solutions that improve your work and will save valuable time.

What they say about us

It goes without saying that using MobiConference on our conference was a great success for the organization. Not only did the participants feel that they have their office desk in front of them all the time, but also we as the organizers noticed that we can focus on real issues, instead of answering the same questions all the time. To my best knowledge, there is currently no product on the market that is able to compete with MobiConference. I would really encourage people organizing events or conferences to get it. It opens a whole new room of possibilities.
Waldemar Puk
President, Common Polska
MobiConference created by letsbemobi made an important impact on Congress organization. It allowed our guests to easily plan their participation. Moreover, it made the schedule of Congress look tidy and clean. It is our honour to recommend MobiConference to everyone that requires the highest level of services. They were acknowledged not only by the Organizing Comitee but also by over six hundred guests and participants from Poland and abroad. MobiConference has met their expectations and was praised for its simplicity and usefulness.
Professor Elżbieta Gołata
Organizing Committee of the Congress of Polish Statistics
At all times, I found contact with letsbemobi to be professional and responsive. There was no problem with adjusting both our applications to work together caring about the difference in character between Pyrkon and other conferences.
Anna Brożyna
MobiConference is a great tool and helps us a lot for the organization of our event! Indeed, MobiConference offers a real, robust, and cloud based mobile solution for all your attendees. The fact that the application is a webapp is a great an easy way to diffuse the application via QRCode or NFC if you want!
Jean-François Garreau
Leader of GDG Nantes
MobiConference made a great impact on the organization of the seminar. Thanks to the modern technology provided by MobiConference, every participant could check the conference program with the use of a smartphone. I am very grateful to letsbemobi for allowing us access to MobiConference and I recommend them to other conference organizers.
Arkadiusz Józefczak
Chairman of Organizing Committee, OSA
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  2. KSP2012
  3. Pyrkon
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Founder and cornerstone of the business. Programming is in his blood. He graduated with a PhD in computer science at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. A frequent participant and speaker at IT conferences. Passionate about climbing and orienteering, he enjoys outdoor activities. Several months ago, he became a happy father.
Client Relations
In search of new experiences, she left her job teaching English. She graduated with Innovative E-marketing and moved to marketing with letsbemobi. Loves and hates George R. R. Martin's series "Game of Thrones". Adores traveling - the further the better. A fan of cycling and water sports.
A programmer by vocation. Read his first book on programming at the age of 15 years and has since devoted himself to the field. Computer Engineer at Poznań University of Technology. Veteran of role-playing games. Does not shy away from a good fantasy, tasty food and political rallies.
Graduated with a PhD in Computer Science at Oxford Brookes University. Lover of football and ultimate frisbee. Moved to Poland for the love of his life. Step-by-step, he is adapting to life in our country, but will always drink tea the proper way (with milk).

Mobile appliciations

individually designed for:

conferences - MobiConference
cinemas/theaters - MobiProgram
music clubs - MobiClub
fitness clubs - MobiFitness

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