mobile application for your fitness club

Do you want your customers to always have easy, quick access to the schedule of classes? To be able to check the descriptions of training and news in your club? MobiFitness is a mobile application designed specifically for fitness clubs, which allows you to easily maintain a constant contact with their customers and will increase their satisfaction.


  1. for clubs
  2. for clients
  3. Extras
  • A fast and modern way to communicate with your customers
  • Simple and fast editing - user friendly administration panel, with changes immediately visible
  • Selection of colour schemes for the application
  • The ability to customize applications to the individual needs of your club, such as adding new features
  • The ability to recommend specific activities
  • Low Cost - monthly subscription for €75
  • Easy Access to all necessary information 24 hours a day, including schedule of classes and descriptions of training
  • Simple, clear menu
  • Live streams of activities and events in your club
  • Available on all mobile phones
  • Works without installing any additional software
  • Also works in offline mode
  • Can use QR Codes, for example to advertise competitions for your customers
  • Statistics collected using Google Analytics
  • Ability to add pictures


Mobile appliciations

individually designed for:

conferences - MobiConference
cinemas/theaters - MobiProgram
music clubs - MobiClub
fitness clubs - MobiFitness

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